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Why Are Concrete Pools Getting More Popular In Australia?

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08:00 AM

Building a swimming pool in your backyard is a great idea. A swimming pool within your property enables you to have a family picnic any time you want, host super-cool poolside parties, or use it as a means to burn some calories!


While there is no doubt that a swimming pool is an excellent addition to the property, many homeowners in Australia are seen juggling between whether to get a concrete swimming pool or a fibreglass swimming pool. It is observed that concrete swimming pools have been getting more popular in Australia lately. Let's see why that is so!


1.     More Design Choices

One of the many reasons why concrete swimming pools are getting so popular is that it gives homeowners a more significant number of choices in terms of design. Concrete swimming pools are built from scratch.


First after excavation, sometimes formwork is required where the pool is above ground, then steel reinforcing is set in place, followed by spraying concrete. You can build a concrete pool in any design and any size you like, unlike fibreglass swimming pools that come pre-made. Since swimming pools are usually a one-time investment, homeowners prefer to build their pools as per their liking even though building a concrete pool takes longer!


2.     Highly Durable

Concrete is one of the most durable building materials. A swimming pool made from concrete lasts longer as it is highly resistant to chemical deterioration, abrasion, and weather. Most importantly, a concrete swimming pool can be built anywhere, from tricky sites, sloping land as well as completely off ground, you can expect it to last for an indefinite period.


3.     Allows Additional Features

As mentioned earlier, a concrete swimming pool is built from scratch. With that being said, you can add any additional features to your swimming pool that you like during the installation process. You can incorporate water features, lighting, swim-outs, ledges, and alcoves to your concrete swimming pool and make it to suit your requirements. You can even choose the kind of finishing that you want from pebble to glass bead or fully tiled. In short, you can customise your concrete swimming pool any way you like, which is not possible with pre-made fibreglass swimming pools.


4.     Improves the Value of Property

Concrete swimming pools are typically more expensive to build. They're an invaluable addition to your property. Because they last much longer than any other type of swimming pool, look like a premium product and can boost the value of your property at the time of sale. Potential buyers will be more than willing to pay a higher price for your house if you have a well-maintained, concrete swimming pool in place!


People in Australia are seen to prefer the level of customisation and durability when it comes to adding swimming pools to their properties. Since concrete swimming pools make it possible to build a swimming pool to suit their requirements, they're more inclined towards getting one for their property, thereby accounting for the rising popularity of concrete swimming pools in Australia.